Knight TK2000 Muzzleloader Shotgun


Knight TK2000 Muzzleloader Shotgun

The Knight TK2000 Muzzleloader shotgun is the most advanced black powder shotgun on the market today!  We love that this gun requires no FFL for delivery so you can buy one straight from any online dealer and have delivered directly to your house…love this.  What makes this gun great for turkey hunting is the exclusive extra-full choke that comes on every gun.   This unique choke allows this shotgun to make 40 yards shots with ease – allowing for 85% shot density in a 30″ circle at 40 yards and we found the gun to be effective out past 60 yards.  If you’re looking for the ultimate turkey hunting machine, look no further, this muzzleloader is an absolute cannon.  In our review we shot the TK2000 at 20 yds, 40 yds and 70 yds – we found the gun to be very effective at all ranges however we would recommend a mixed load at 70 yds.  Not only is the TK very accurate but it’s extremely fun to shot!  Like all of Knight’s muzzle-loaders this one is equipped with a matched grade Green Mountain barrel, Easton carbon core ram rode, solid brass extendable jag, metallic fiber optic sights, fully adjustable trigger and best of all it’s 100% American Made.

Knight TK2000 Muzzleloader Shotgun

Knight TK2000 Muzzleloader Shotgun Features:

    • Ignition: 209 Primer with Full Plastic Jacket® or Western No.11 & Musket Cap Nipple
    • Gauge: 12 Gauge
    • Thumb Hole or Straight Stock
    • Stock Finish: Realtree Xtra Green
    • Barrel Finish: Mixed Pine
    • Barrel Length: 26 in. Barrel
    • Overall Length: 45 in.
    • Weight: 7 lb, 7 oz
    • Sights: Williams Fully Adjustable Metallic Fiber Optic Sight Set
    • Trigger: Fully Adjustable
    • Length of Pull: 14.25 in.

Knight TK2000 Muzzleloader

For more information on the Knight TK2000 Shotgun visit Knight Rifles on line.

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